Testimonials & Reviews for SPUNK Lube Hybrid, Pure Silicone and Natural persona lubricants

These are all real, unsolicited testimonials & reviews from our customers over the last 14 years:


I appreciate you guys making the best lube around. It’s like the only one that doesn’t irritate me.

Spunk is one of the few lubes I can use with my allergies, so I cannot overstate how much I appreciate your lube, your help and the 5-star customer service.

I can confidently say SPUNK Lube is the best lubricant I have ever used.

Spunk Lubes is simply the absolute best product I've ever found and I've actually recommended it in a few occasions! I was not expecting you to respond so fast! Stellar customer service! Thank you again.

Many different websites and bloggers recommended Spunk lube when we started looking for popular brands to try, so it was recommended by almost everyone.

I'll be like the San Francisco-based social influencer promoting Spunk Lube at every sex event that I go to.

We went to a party and they had your product there and we both really liked spunk lube so they give me your website to order it.

I've used Spunk lube for along time now! Its me and my partners favorite lube it was recommend by a friend and we've been using it ever since.

Your customer service on my past order (Order #1688754092) was so great that I’ve ordered again from you, this time a gallon of Spunk. We started using it for our regular play parties, and you just can’t have enough good lube. The big pump bottles makes it easy to refill the smaller bottles we have scattered around the play space. Thanks for a great product.

I have seen many creators use your spunk lube product (such as goth__egg on instagram) and decided to look into it. The moisturizing element was such a nice addition :)

I got on the Internet and did some research and found spunk lube. Then after that we noticed a few people in our video collection actually was using it too. It's awesome, I don't know if y'all created it or what but it's amazing! Hopefully you keep it going for many more generations. Thank you guys so much! You will always get our orders! Were glad to have found ya! Thanks again.

Spunk silicone is my favorite lube! I've tried a few different ones and spunk has been the best by far and swear by it. I'm always recommending it to my friends. I wish I had found it sooner and wish i had it back in my porn days. Would've made a lot of things a lot better. I will never use any other lube besides spunk ever again. You guys rock!

I have very sensitive skin and always prefer hyper allergenic products. SPUNK felt great and made the scene look even hotter after it turned white from use. It wasn’t sticky or clumpy. After using SPUNK I’m ditching the other lubes.

I figured between the unique formula, the fun spunk name and reviews, I’d give you a try. I really liked it and decided to order. I love your products!

I have been using spunk lube for many years, because a friend of mine recommended me this product. I tried it and I liked it a lot, so I've been buying it since then.

It was an exciting pleasure to arrive home and see the spunk lube we bought from you... perfect timing. We love your product and will be sharing some of it with my wife's cousin and her husband because she is adventurous and curious... and well, horny too! Your attention to customer service is unparalleled and greatly appreciated. Life is awesome, and thanks for being a facilitator to our enjoyment!

I've used your products for a good few years already, no idea how i first heard about spunk lube, probably online, it was long ago, but it's the only lube i always order..haha

This is my 4th time buying it on-line. Really like spunk lubes lube.

I discovered Spunk and have been using it since. I am enjoying Spunk immensely, works great as a lube and totally washes out of my linens on the cold delicate cycle. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for creating a great product.

SPUNK lube has been my preferred choice for a while now, and it's the only brand of personal lubricant I use. I first learned about it from the Whoreible Decisions podcast around 2017 or 2018.

I am newly engaged to a great guy.. we're both 70...and having the time of our lives...too good a time actually!  We discovered Spunk after oil lube left stains, water base was too sticky, silicone I didn't like..so we typed in "hybrid thick and creamy white lube"..BAM..there you were first! I thought yeppers that's the one..Looked for your site..and ordered.

My partner has been using spunk lubricant for years, we have tried a lot of other brands of lube but they are not good for long sessions (6-10 hours), most of them will form lumps on the skin and it’s just not the right texture.

I first heard about the spunk lube product while looking up personal lubricant that tend to be good for sensitive skin. I have eczema and certain lubricants aggravate my skin condition. But not yours. I've never once had any issues with spunk lube.

As a loyal user of SPUNK Lube for quite some time now, I believe in the quality and effectiveness of your product. I actually came across SPUNK Lube through a livestream on Stripchat. It's become quite popular among the users there, and the positive feedback prompted me to buy some for myself. I've been impressed with its performance ever since. I absolutely love the quality and feel of your lubricants.

Really love your product range and absolutely love the feeling of Spunk Lube on my hard cock! best personal lubricant on the market!

I'm the king of large anal toys and my girls said they genuinely had a much easier time with the spunk hybrid. spunk lube is why we can do anal for hours live on can. It does really well!

We’ve been live on my 400k follower Chaturbate all day with the hybrid spunk lube product. I love it! It’s been great for anal sex all day today!!!!! Amazing!

I found this lube online while browsing for lube and have never looked back. I really love spunk lube as it's the only lube I find doesn't burn or irritate, I only use spunk lube.

I use Spunk Lube quite often, as it's wonderful to use with the Aneros G-Spot Male Prostate Stimulator - it slides it in very well, and I recommend using Spunk Lube to all my friends.

It's the best lube that u ever used u will never change it for nothing u will enjoy for years to come I will used it all the time.

Here's my personal review of their spunked lube. First I had a go at using their lube to knock one out. What can I say, I was already horny to start with but once I used the lube well I was mega horny. It feels great very slippery and doesn't dry out which is good because it can take me a while. I tried both the hybrid lube and the silicon lube both worked really well. Neither of the lubes made me sore or sting unlike other lubes on the market that I have used. Next I needed to try the lube with someone else. My mate @JasonMoonXXX was itching to be bummed. We decided to use the hybrid lube and found it worked really well, again Jason commented on the fact that it didn't sting. I really liked the packaging as it would stand out in a shop full of lube but not just that, also the fact that the packaging is not orientated just to gay men. The pump top helps to get the lube exactly where you want it as well. The hybrid spunk lube is water based so can be used with condoms if that's the route you choose. So... over all two really great spunk lube products. It made me and @JasonMoonXXX cum a lot. Would I recommend it hell yeah, I would defiantly use it again - @AshleyHayesxxx

As a dedicated/frequent masturbater with a cum fetish, SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a perfect fit. I use SPUNK Lube Hybrid for every j/o & play session (solo/duo/group) - talking it up as it is so arousing!! I am a dedicated SPUNK Lube Hybrid man!

Got my spunk lube today! I am a happy customer. A little goes a long ways. Doesn't dry out quickly. It's great.

I am an employee at Krave Massive I am one of the VIP Host there and I just tried your lube!! It was amazing, I will tell the person who asked me to try your product nothing but amazing things. It was one of the best lubes that I as a bottom have enjoyed to the max. You can expect me to be one of your new loyal customers. ;D

Spunk Lube Pink is a good quality lubricant for a reasonable price. It lasts a long time and I love the uniqueness of this product. It did not cause any irritation or reactions and I am very sensitive to irritants. It's also non staining and toy safe.

My husband and I seriously love your product! The pink is our favorite! It never seems to dry out or give up giving us tons of time to play.

Thank you SPUNK lube. My partner and I could never enjoy sex because I just couldn't handle the bulk, but because of SPUNK lube, for the first time, I can receive! SPUNK lube is the perfect combo of safe, and slick. It's great to look at and to use. Now back for round 4!

MY QUICK THOUGHTS: This hybrid formula feels amazing. Will definitely purchases again!

MY THOUGHTS: I never really thought of lubes as being 'sexy', but this one changed my mind. Normally, I prefer different of lubes for different types of sex. (Water based for vaginal, silicone for anal, etc). So, I was pretty intrigued by this hybrid formula that claims to be both in one.
I had to try it out immediately, of course. The first thing I can tell you is that you don't need much. Start out with just about a dime-size amount, you can always add more if you need to.
The company says 'feels like real cum'...well actually, it felt better because it wasn't sticky. It was the perfect amount of moisture for both vaginal, anal sex, and I didn't have to worry about it harming my toys. (Note: if it is your first time with anal, or you're still having a trouble getting used to it, stick with a straight silicone base lube until you're more comfortable)
I love that this lube washes off quickly and, as a great little side effect, leaves you're skin feeling nice and soft. And, it didn't stain my sheets yay!

FINAL THOUGHTS: works for all different types of sex and with toys, doesn't stain, feels sexy! Definitely recommend.

I was so horny because I haven't jacked off more than 1 week. I had spent so much time studied. My SPUNK lube is, once again, the best lubricate product and I love it so much! So easy to use; so easy to clean and so effective! It is not messy at all!!! It is way better than any products I bought long time ago. I threw them all. I only keep my favourite the SPUNK lube, period!

We will never be able to use anything but your lube again. It's the best!

Where do I even start... This spunk lube is honestly the best lube I have ever used. My husband and I bought it one day and haven't looked back. It stays slick forever and doesn't stain like other ones. Even if you are skeptic about it just do it, buy one and try it. I promise you, you will love it!

Great product, silky smooth. Highly recommend. Large in size, too.

Just wanted to let you know that your package arrived today and I just couldn't wait to try it out. I opened the bag and sat right down and put some spunk lube pure silicone in my hand and started to work my cock. IT IS TERRIFIC!!! Nice and smooth and it really fills the bill! I will definitely give this product a great recommendation. It has more body to it than Eros or Gun Oil. It has no taste, as you suggested, and I know it will work well for all situations. I want more!

It doesn't get sticky, It lasts for extended periods of play, It looks cool and washes up easily. There is nothing else that I could ask for in a basic lube. It is a thicker lube that is non staining and outlasts water based lubes. It does have the consistency of semen.

Nice not sticky, doesn’t dry quickly.

It's the best feeling for lube yet. Your a genius man!! I like how spunk hybrid is not greasy and how it has the pump. Your other products that i purchased was great also but I like this one the best. Two thumbs up keep up the good work man!! FYI you have a customer for life!!

Had a chance to try the spunk lube finally. Been so busy and husband was out of country, but we finally did it. Excellent product, it felt great. Much better than the other lube we usually use. Congratulations!

Lube that looks like cum sounds like a hot idea. So I had to check out spunk lube. I got some and decided to do a little photo shoot to see how close it looks to cum. I have to say it does a pretty good job. Afterwords I used it to jerk off with and it’s a pretty good lube.

Thank you! This stuff is crazy cool. Weird how spunk hybrid is so real! I will be ordering again tomorrow. Thank you so much.

I have to say Str8cam's spunk lube is amazing, I haven’t seen anything like it before! I am definitely a fan of this lube. It works great with your FleshJack or any kind of sexual situation. If you haven’t bought some yet, I would suggest ordering some!

Simply the best! Feels great on my thick, juicy cock and is the sexiest, best looking lube on the market! Thanks D.

i like spunk pure silicone the best. great job! feels good and long lasting. used to use gun oil and swiss navy but i started to loose sensation. with yours it's just enough friction and glides just great. would also recommend a cream based masturbation cream :-)

As a girl obsessed with porn, I’ve always had a few wonders when watching X-rated flicks. How do their nether regions look so hairless and perfect? How do they keep going… and going… and going? And, oh-my-god, an ejaculating dildo? How in the hell did they manage that?! Well, two of my burning questions have been answered – and the answer is Spunk Lube Hybrid. Spunk Hybrid Lube is coined the “Original Cum Lube” – the only lubricant designed to look and feel just like a man’s own natural “lubrication”. After giving it a try, I can whole-heartedly say that it lives up to the name – except without any of the funky taste or sticky residue usually accompanied by cum. It certainly won’t leave you running to the bathroom for clean up or wondering if you’re pregnant… and best of all, this spunk lube marks the beginning of a sex session, rather than the end. The larger 8 oz. and 1 gallon versions also come with a pump, which makes me feel like a total porn star. I definitely had my doubts about Spunk, but after giving it a try, I think it’s safe to say that it’s my new favorite lube.

Spunk Hybrid is slightly white and creamy, giving it the look and feel of a man’s natural ejaculate. Except, unlike a man’s spunk, this lube is free from any funky tastes (often the poor aftermath of bad dietary choices) or sticky residue that dries up quickly and leaves you running to the bathroom for a quick clean up. It has all the taboo and excitement of using “spunk” as a lube – without all the mess and sticky aftermath to clean up. With it’s unique look, feel, and water/silicone mix, it is unlike any other lubricant I’ve tried before. It feels surprisingly good and natural on my skin – almost like a loose, wet lotion. In fact, it has a very natural feel when used during sex that really mimics my own natural lubrication – rather than the sticky spunky feel I was expecting. It has absolutely no smell, and has hardly any taste at all. The only taste it has is a light sweetness that is barely noticeable – and very refreshing from the usual chemical taste of most lubes.

The lube hybrid combines the best of both water-based and silicone-based lubes. It is long-lasting, smooth, and silky like silicone-based lubes. Yet is safe with condoms and toys, cleans up easily, and won’t stain your sheets or clothes like water-based lubes. Seriously, there is nothing better than a lube that treats your body right and doesn’t ruin your things in the process. It is very thin with hardly any tacky gel texture at all – and no sticky residue. It stays together in your hand without being too watery – giving you plenty of time to apply it to yourself or your toy or partner. Once you start moving, it moves and blends with you and your natural lubrication nearly seamlessly. It does tend to dry up a bit if you’re not actively using it, but it’s nothing that a little water or saliva (or a bit more lube) won’t fix. All you need is a small amount, and a little goes a long way. It’s very easy to clean up with a tissue, towel, or anything else… and if you can easily use it in the shower, provided you keep it away from water… and then can easily clean it up with some soap when you’re done.

I thought that Spunk Hybrid Lube would really be a novelty – something I’d like to use for a kinky experience… or maybe even a naughty video. I hadn’t imagined that it would be a lube for any occasion, far less a lube that would be my first choice. But after giving it a try, I can see why adult entertainers use is – not just for the look, but the feel and experience. It really fits and matches my body’s natural chemistry and my body’s own lubrication with a soft, silky, and natural feel – and a very easy cleanup with no unpleasant, sticky, or residue after effects. Plus, I love that it comes in a pump bottle – which is really convenient if you’re having sex all the time or need it in the heat of the moment without fumbling to open a bottle. It’s also really cheap for the size, just $15. Honestly, I am blown away by this lube. Beyond 5 Hearts – and worth every penny! It totally exceeded all of my expectations, and is now my go-to favorite lube.

I am ADULT VIDEO PERFORMER Gina Starr I was recently turned onto SPUNK LUBE while doing a radio Sex Show . It was thee most unbelievable moment in my adult video career !!! This would be the moment that I discovered my NEW best friend SPUNK LUBE not only did the spunk I tried look just like CUM it felt great and never ever gets sticky and its just so SMOOTH !!! Seriously it makes your skin so soft I LOVE IT ! I engage in a lot of sexual activity as an XXX video star so i am so happy this product came into my professional and my personal life !!! This is a winner throw all your old bottles of lube away and get your self some SPUNK ............... Love you Guys Thanks, Adult XXX Video Performer Gina Starr

We LOVE Spunk Lube in our house. It gets used for everything, literally. We even used it to get the dog unstuck from the stair railing once! Any time we get down to our last bottle we place a new order immediately. I use Spunk in all of my videos and camming and it's never failed me.

Great lube, great price not greasy lasts a long time. Best lube ever, very slippery and doesn't dry out. But not greasy at all. Lasts a long time. Tried a sample at the local store and loved it.

I was playing with your spunklube this afternoon. As I squirted some out of the bottle I thought This is wrong there's supposed to be a lot more heavy breathing and grunting BEFORE I have cum in my hands. Great stuff Jeff thanks for a great product.

Jeff, I must say this lube is one of the best I have ever tried, and I have tried many. I definitely have been telling all my peeps to get their hands on some Str8Cam Spunk Lube. It looks and feels like real Cum, and to make it even better it won’t dry out like other condom safe lubes. It just feels awesome on you skin creating the perfect amount of friction to get your blood pumping as you stroke and fondle your throbbing member. When your finished it is easy to clean up, and leaves your skin feeling smooth. I give Jeff & Spunk Lube 3 Thumbs Up (my dick being the third)

SPUNK Lube rules!! The girls at The Funhouse love it each and every time. Great stuff guys!!

Hi. This is my third order of STR8 sex lube and find it fantastic. I have read the comments of Spunk lube but never tried it. I have just placed another order.

SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a personal lubricant that looks and feels just like cum! The Hybrid is a blend of water and silicone which is safe to use with latex condoms, won’t stain your sheets if you happen to get a little careless during your playtime, and is safe with any toy material. You also get the long lasting feel of a silicone lube. . . .

This lube will work perfectly with any toys that are self lubricating or are ones that can come. During penetrative sex, it helps keep things nice and slick without needing to reapply. A little goes a long way when it comes to both masturbation and intercourse. Do keep in mind that you’ll need a little more if you’re planning on using it for anal penetration, but you never need a lot to get the results you’re looking for.
The feel of this lube is fantastic! It’s super silky smooth and doesn't have any texture to it; helping to eliminate the drag that is associated with certain toys. Only a small amount needs to be applied to get the desired effect, and the results are wonderful! The thickness of this lube is perfect! When first dispensed, it stays in place for a long time before it starts to run. This gives you enough time to apply it and get things started. The similarities between cum and this lube are awesome; the coloring, the thickness, etc. but the greatest difference is that this stuff doesn't get sticky as it absorbs into the skin. Even during lengthy sessions, the lube doesn't need to be reapplied and it’s more likely you’ll need to wipe it away when you’re finished than to apply more while you’re playing.

SPUNK Lube Hybrid is available in 2 oz and 8 oz bottles. I received the 8 oz bottle. The bottle is clear plastic with a mostly black label on it and a black pump so it is very easy to apply. The label isn't discreet, having the word ‘SPUNK’ in a very obvious area of the front, and the information on the other side is very telling; making it obvious what this product is and what it’s used for. You can cut and remove the label if you need something more discreet. The smaller size is suitable for travel and fits within the liquid rules for flying. When it first arrives, it’s sealed inside a clear plastic bag so will not leak at all.

Let me just say, I wasn't disappointed. I tried the lube out with a few toys first and was extremely impressed with how long it remained silky. Seriously, I think I could have played for hours on end with this stuff and I wouldn't have needed to reapply! As I stated before, I noticed only the slightest tacky feeling after, but the average person probably wouldn't even notice it. The lube is easily cleaned from the body using only a wipe, and is easily washed off your toys. Non-staining? Safe for toys? Long lasting? Does it get any better?

Ahhhh, refreshing. This lube is the greatest. Super slippery and doesn't have to keep being reapplied. It last and last. It seems to be a little more thicker than most lubes and didn't cause any irritation. Perfect for couples or works great with toys. No bad odor noted or bad taste. Definitely will buy again. Also love the super easy pump bottle. Great size also.

We really like it. It gives you a smooth glide and doesn't dry up. There is no odor and doesn't stain like the product claims. we use it all the time.

Just thought I'd let you know exactly how pleased I am with your product. It is so good both for off and on camera. I love it and so do the fans. It looks very real and has never disappointed me. One of my best videos was filmed with Spunk Lube with just around 16k views. To me that's a lot, idk about others. All in all, great product 16/10 buying again!

Best hybrid lube money can buy. I used to work at an adult store, and not to brag, I've tried my fair share of lubes. This is by far one of the best lubes you can buy. It doesn't stain. It is slippery like silicone but not too slippery. It is awesome. Do yourself (and your partner) a favor and get this!

YES ! great silicone sex lube.

It really is the best lube on the market. It doesn't feel sticky and synthetic as other lubes do. Washes off easily too.

As a producer of adult content, I like to supply a choice to our performers as to what lubricant they prefer to use whilst filming. Almost every time the guys choose one of SPUNKs, not only is the packaging a real draw, it also does exactly what it says on the tin! The Hybrid lube has the perfect consistency and reapplication is rare... a few pumps of the stuff can have the boys on the bed ‘pumping’ at each other for a long long time... other lubes have caused performers to ask for a moment, caused a stinging sensation, or just doesn’t feel compatible, SPUNK is different... the guys love to use it, and many have asked where they can get their own! There have been a few bottom lads who prefer the feeling of the SPUNK pure silicone to the hybrid, and the ones that have used it LOVE it, unlike other silicone lubes, it doesn’t dry (at all), doesn’t become bitty or gritty, and reapplication of the silicone lube is not needed, no matter how long you’re filming! For me SPUNK lube has been a god send, and I will continue to use it in my productions, and will continue to sing its praises to anyone who cares to listen! Good Work Guys - Once Tried Always Trusted! Shayne – BLAKEMASON.COM

Spunk Lube Hybrid is by far the best lube I have found, known to man.....in this case woman. I have tried many different types of lube over the years, I have found that most get sticky or tacky when being used and don't last long enough for play time if you know what I mean;) I have been using Spunk now for over a year and I am sooooo happy with the perfect lubrication that it provides:) It does not irritate my lady parts and is perfectly safe with all my toys.... yes all of them!! Once you have used this, you won't use anything else! I am a cam model, Spunk Lube is a big part of my production. Oh and the customer care here is superb as well!

The silicone Lubricant from SPUNK is awesome, It works for vaginal and anal intercourse and it works great with metal and glass toys. It does not dry out or become tacky or sticky. This is a higher quality lube for a great price. An 8 ounce bottle will last you for months. It is silky feeling and makes things glide well.

The latch on the cash register quit working and needed a little lube to get it working again. Hehe - we're back in business with just 2 drops of Spunk Lube Silicone.

This has got to be one of the BEST lubes I've ever used. I am so glad I decided to give Spunk a try. I will be ordering this again.

Five stars out of 5! slip sliding away

I'm a big fan of spunk lube and I've tried plenty of different lubes. The two things I love the most are how long it lasts and the actual name, & "spunk" is an awesome name for a lube company!

Hi Jeff! I picked up a bottle of Spunk Lube yesterday. My BF & I used it and he loved it; said it was the best lube he used. Thanks for making such an awesome product.

I'm a "variety is the spice of life" kinda girl and the normal lube you get from the store is so ridiculously boring. That's the reason I love spunk lube, because it's got spunk!

It works really well, it doesn't dry out quickly and it feels like the real thing and that turns me on!

I and my ladies love the spunk lube ;-) Last time I bought the black mamba from your site which drives them wild. And now PINK Spunk! Keep up the good work – I love the product – Only Use Spunk Lube

I've been wanting to purchase a highly recommended lubricant that looks and feels like..well, SPUNK! I was super excited to try it out. I have a cum and cream pie fetish so this was really exciting. It looked amazing coming from my squirting dildo. It was so smooth and I love the way it looks. It also doesn't cling and leave oily residue on my skin like other lubes and I like the smell. It was so fun using and I enjoyed the feeling of it. It didn't leave any gross residue that clung to my skin or to my toys. And since it wont ruin the silicone of my vibe wand and dildos, I’m going to keep buying this! Also, the owner Jeff was really awesome and answered all my questions. I’m so happy I went with this lube it really fulfilled my fantasies. I did a review in my NSFW Discord group where we recommend lubes for sex toys and they thought it was really cool.

I heard about spunk silicone lube while searching for a beginner anal toy for my wife. The review I read had SPUNK Pure Silicone. The person in the review complimented it and love it so much. I found your website and read more reviews. I made my mind up, had to try it for myself. My wife and I love it!

Very satisfied client from France Europe. Great stuff for fisting. Sold in Europe.

Bought my 1st 2- 8 oz. bottles off Ebay Just order a gallon bottle str8cam lube. Wife & I have tried several lubes. Nothing as good as this! Easy Cleanup smooth Top of the line. Thanks!

Fun to use spunk lube!

Gotta love SPUNK! If you like silicone, this is a good price and performs like the top go the line lubricant that it is.

The most amazing lube!!! It's so smooth! It's not sticky, leaves no residue,doesn't smell bad, and it's soft. Can't complain. And it plays well with others. Water based, oil based, and o the hybrid lubes all mix well.

Jeff! I literally had the best orgasm of my life thanks to Spunk Lube

10/10 would buy spunk lube again.

Definitely an excellent product!

We are kind of split on which types of the spunk lube we like the best. My husband prefers the original hybrid formula because it feels very natural. He has a bit of a fluid fetish and this mimics the sensation of "second hand sex" (so to speak). Since it's just not safe to have unprotected sex with non-fluid bonded partners we appreciate this feature. Now I prefer the pink spunk formula because it has all the properties of silicone but washes away thoroughly like water based lube....and it has no glycerin. We are blown away...hell this made using a condom enjoyable for both of us! Anyhow I just put in another order.

Worth the cheddar! Was nice, a

nd my girlfriend liked it as well.

Non staining, easy to wash off, long lasting. Been my top choice for years now.

It's amazing how long this stuff lasts, its quality and that is why I recommend it to everyone, thank you for everything. People are loving the lube. I'm buying more spunk lube now.

The spunk silicone is excellent for shaving. We both shaved each other last night. We put some silicone spunk lube on and then shaving cream. The feel was awesome. Before we got done shaving we both shot our loads. What a winner buddy, thank you, Dave & Brian.

Good stuff-feels like the real deal-neither of us had a reaction and the pump is a bonus!

Spunk lube hybrid is great. Feels and tastes like real cum. I love it!

Thank you for c

reating this wonderful spunk lube hybrid product! I was introduced to it by a friend at a swingers club and have been a fan since! I love how it feels...smooth and soft. It's not sticky and last a long time. I didn't know there were lubricants like this ????????????????????. Thank you and I hope you continue to make more and I would love to buy them all!!!

I'm never switching lubes! I have almost burnt through that last bottle I bought from you. This lube is the best. I tell all my friends about spunk lube.

Decided to give this lube a try and it's awesome! Can't go wrong with a pump bottle, and it's a gel lube so it doesn't make a crazy mess like some of the watery, snap tops lubes. Lasts a good while, doesn't dry up right away or get clumpy at all. Stays nice and slick. Will defiantly buy again!

Love it and would never switch back. I have used spunk lube for about a year & I LOVE it. Even if you're skeptical cause it's like semen, buy it anyway! It stays slippery for a long time & works great for anal! I absolutely love this product.

Ordering today based on the testimonials. Saw in a couple of testimonials where guys wanted you to add cum smell and taste to the formula. I'm all for that. Have a major cum fetish and I know a lot of others who do too and would definitely buy that new product version as well.

The hybrid lube is great, the feel and look is spot on.....it's great for anal, and my lover likes the pump for the right amount and it last don't have to reapply a lot....

Bro, guess what I got in the

mail today! SPUNK Lube, I fucking LOVE it!!! Seriously, the BEST lube I've ever used!!!!!! Gonna order more! THX!

I first ran across SPUNK Lube at the Folsom Gulch Adult Bookstore in San Francisco. I wanted to have a smaller pocket sized bottle for that weekend. They didn't have the brand I was originally looking for, so I got yours. That was good luck for me. Yours was slick, and the bottle was easier to use than that of the other product.

This is the best lube out there. Perfectly wet for any size cock or toy. Try it...stays wet and lasts. And really looks/feels like cum.

I can't say enough good things about Spunk Silicone lube! I love the slickness and how long it lasts. I'm purchasing a Fleshjack as well and I can't wait to try the lube with this. Jeff is certainly a great spokesman for his lube. I can tell he's enthusiastic about it and is on-line demonstrations sure give me inspiration. And the shipping turnaround time is most impressive. Everything I've ordered: the lube, underwear, t shirt, candle and DVD's, have arrived quickly and in perfect condition! I always am anxious after I place an order until it arrives and I've never had to wait too long with str8cam! You deserve a pat on the back for that! Customer service has gone by the wayside these days and it's so refreshing to get that personal service again! I can safely say you have a satisfied customer for life! You are great! Thanks for everything!

To be honest, the Hybrid Spunk just felt fantastic. I'd have to give it a 10/10. it also looked so much like semen-- and a small amount of it can do so much. Can't thank you enough. I found my favourite lube now.

Great product this has really enhanced are experience would highly recommend trying this product.

spunk silicone does what it's meant to do and does it exceptionally well. This has real staying power yet washes up easily. It is a light pure silicone lube that does not get gummy.

It is what it says it is. Great lube!

The best lube ever! It has an amazingly natural feel and last a long time. If it starts to dry you can spritz it with a little water and it's back to slippery! Also another huge bonus is that it doesn't taste bad, it's not fruity flavored or anything, it just doesn't have much of a flavor at all. There definitely isn't a better lube out there!

For anal sex, this is the best lubricant I have tried! It does not get thick or sticky, it really glides along and lasts a while. Overall, this is a great product. I do recommended it for anal sex. Always remember a lube injector, grease it up and enjoy!

Definitely loving this stuff. No residue issues and the consistency is perfect!

I used spunk lube pure silicone with someone last week and it's damn bloody good stuff. it lasts for ages!

Thanks for excellent customer service!

I got the spunk lube combo pack in the mail last Wed, super fast delivery! I'm really happy & surprised at how much the hybrid Spunk lube looks and feels like real cum! ~ Very cool! I've used that so far, to jo. It's easy clean up too, doesn't leave a residue like some lubes do. The pure Silicone is awesome as well, I've used that to edge.... the lube feels great, and I've never needed to add more. A small amount has lasted me an edging session of 1 - 2 hours! The silicone is also easy clean up, leaves no residue or greasy feeling.

My new favorite lube. The formula is perfect. Moisturizing instead of sticky when dry, and non-staining like the package says. Just a little bit lasts a long time, too!

I used to use "Wet". But I tried this spunk lube and I am hooked. So much better and the consistency makes for less mess. Highly recommend!

i love the original spunk lube.. like i was so surprised how real it looked and felt and for it to work better than like PUR, wet, astroglide, etc. was a plus and it was so fast to clean up! like that was a major plus because most lubes are oily or sticky and smell weird and stain clothes sometimes and yeah… gross! i never liked lube until i started using yours so thanks. i will only use yours and i will continue to recommend it to everyone. :)

A review of a great LUBE! I recently needed to stock up on lube (an essential for any gay/straight man’s bedside drawer) and always fancied trying the SPUNK LUBE Hybrid, ever since I saw it being promoted by Jeff….Mr STR8Cam himself. Well it seems the hottest and sexiest hunk on the web, has his own lube. So down to the facts: Its a water based lube, so condom/toy friendly. It has a lovely silky consistency to it and whilst using it, it didn’t dry out like some lubes do. It really does look like cum too, which is kind of nice when applying for the first time. OK, I’m talking about using it on your cock, lets not be shy about this, we all do it and a great lube, that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky is just perfect for the job. Overall I’m really impressed with this lube – looks and more importantly feel’s great in all the right places. I can definitely recommend it. Go on try some, you won’t be disappointed.

Hey bro. your spunk lube is amazing! it really does glide super good! i am going to order more. its truly the best lube ever! i made a hot video and squirted your lube onto the head of my dick so it looked like sperm. i love using it!

Thanks for your quick reply. I found your product by searching on-line for a product that most closely resemble cum. Was looking for a product that could be used in making some adult photographs and wanted it to be as realistic as possible. Tired of cooking the old home recipes to make photos. Came across the Str8 Cam hybrid product and then saw the newer Spunk Lube Hybrid.

Wow!! Just WOW!!!

Your lube is the ONLY lube to use..Before SPUNK lube i was obsessed with wet platinum but your product swims laps around that stuff.

Convenient and useful. Very good lube!

Great, non sticky lube that's safe with most toys. Was told by manufacturer that its safe with UR3 too. So far it has not appeared to do any damage to our UR3 or cyberskin toys. Stays slippery for quite a while.

Hi this is Violeta. the order arrived thank you! The spunk lube it is the best lube !

My wife and I use this all the time. I like the feel of "second-hand sex" or "sloppy seconds" if you will. We have had a lot of real "sloppy seconds & thirds and on several occasions 5, 6, 7's" and I love that feel of other men who have finished with my wife (inside and out). We have gotten to the point where we don't take chances with others anymore. So, we sort of live out extended fantasies of how it used to be with other men. We use either the white "cum" look-a-like hybrid or white "cum" look-a-like pure silicone. And FYI: Makes for a nice creampie, my favorite dessert (as many men will testify to)!

If you enjoy having your man blow his load all over his chiseled chest, so that you can scoop up his creamy white load to use it as lube for his hole, then you will love Spunk Hybrid Lube! Sex is so smooth and intense with Spunk Hybrid. Spunk Hybrid works amazingly just like the other Spunk Lubes! It lasts long like silicon based, yet cleans up like water based. Works great with toys! And it's condom safe! One of my favorite things about Spunk Lube is its high viscosity!! When you pump Spunk into your hand it stays there, until you put it elsewhere! It does not run and drip like most other lubes, that make mess before you even get yourself lubed up. It is perfect for breaking the ice with that cute guy you picked up at the bars. "Hey check out this new lube I got, it looks just like cum!" ... "Take off your pants, and I'll show you how good it works!" Avoid the awkward silent moments by keeping a bottle of Spunk bedside! Spunk Lube looks like the kind of cum you'd like shot all over your body, white and creamy, and feels like cum, silky and smooth. Cleans up easily, leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. If you love cum, then you will love Spunk! Try it once and you'll be ordering Spunk for life. Save your spit for when your boy misbehaves cause Spunk Lube Is affordable to for every budget! And also available in travel size! Dont forget to try Spunk Silicon and Water based lube. I don't see how anything could make Spunk Lube better, but may I suggest Spunk Flavors! [I'd be down for a Strawberry-Kiwi Spunk Flavor]

I have been busy as hell and spreading the word on Spunk, as well as using it like crazy, that is the best lube Ive came across.

We were shooting massive amounts of sex scenes that required artificial semen/SPUNK. A fellow producer pointed me to your product because not only did it look like real semen it was a great lube. Having used lots of lube in the past and been pretty “Meh” about it I wasn’t holding my breathe but it was fantastic. Enough so that we stopped using our personal lube and used spunk lube for business and pleasure.

Your spunk lube is amazing. Very smooth and easy to clean. Not sticky at all. It is way better than any products. My dick was so wild with lube!

Got my bottle of Spunk in the mail a few days ago couldn't wait to try it. I finely got my chance today and man this stuff is awesome. I was able to slide my whole Buck Meadows dong all the way in my ass. 9" long and 2.25" thick. Usually I only can get the head in. I love it.

It is great. Best lube I have used. U can fuck forever and it lasts!

I normally wouldn't write a review about a personal lubricant but this time I simply had to. This stuff is awesome. The texture is just like they describe and it does last a long time. Unlike other lubricants I've used that when they start to get dry they get super sticky, this stuff retains as much of it's slickness as it can before being totally dry. I actually have a new favorite brand and will be buying this from now on. Excellent stuff!

I was using Sliquid for the longest since I'm allergic to most lubes out there. So finding Spunk Lube was a gold mine. I like trying new things but I toggle back and forth between Sliquid and Spunk Lube.

Love your hybrid lube. One of the best lubes I've ever used. The look and feel of real cum is a great touch---but as I'm sure you know there are now many companies with those features, and even one Jizz that smells like real cum. It seems to me that if you could come up with a lube that not only looks and feels like the real thing but also smells and even more importantly tastes like the real thing you might have a huge leg up on the competition ! I know I'd be ordering it in the gallon containers.

Awesome Lube! The best I have ever used by far. I seen a add for Spunk Lube and said to myself, another gimmick, a lube is a lube, But I wanted to buy it, so I contacted Jeff on Twitter, and asked where to pick some up at , and he told me where and away i went. I tried it that evening and was I wrong, It is not just another Lube, it is By far the best Lube I have tried, I have some more on order. Thank you Jeff and Spunk Lube. I look forward to a long Lasting Relationship, and also be a well lubed machine. Amazing Product.

My favorite lube!

Extremely glad we found this Spunk lube. During the broke college days it was save and scrimp if we ran out. Now we get by the gallon. Awesome product. Thanks.

Feels great, doesn't leave stains, lasts a long time.

I love this stuff because of how little I need to use. It feels good and isn't too greasy or too liquid like. Spunk lubricant is the perfect mix and the bottoms really like it so I love it.

I absolutely adore SPUNK Lube. Now, I realize a lube that looks exactly like jizz might not be for everyone, but I enjoy the added dimension of kinkiness. It’s a risk-free way to explore the visual fantasy of a “cummy hole”… Hell, you could even squirt a bunch in, squeeze it out and go for the “creampie” aesthetic.

Hey Jeff, wanted to let u know my Spunk Silicone arrived last night - it is awesome! Love your work. The Mrs is really pleased as well. Also very pleased with no smell, very good. Doesn't go dry, no reapplication between positions, great stuff man.

Must say, I personally use your spunk lube and it’s the best lube I ever had.

I never found lube I enjoyed until yours. It's amazing spunk lube never feels greasy but always feels natural. i love it!

This stuff really works. Not too sticky or watery but actually does the job well. Both my husband and I really like this lube. A recommend for everyone active ;)

Well Jeff, you really want to know what I think of spunk lube... It's fucking fantastic. I mean the first squirt onto my fingers was great. I played with it a bit before putting on my dick, and it really did feel like cum. But, it couldn't possibly keep the same feeling when used for jerking off... Oh yes it can! I'm serious guys, its like wiping cum off of ur partners cock, chest, or wherever you fuckers like to spray, and using it as lube. Embarrassingly, I came pretty quick and was amazed at how quick and easy clean up is too. It doesn't stick to everything, your hands don't stick to everything, and basically you just don't feel like a used, lubricated condom when you're finished. I'm not extremely used to bottoming yet, but this lube makes it so easy to slide up and down. I've been practicing with the butt plug lately, and I gotta say I took it like a champ because it was easy to slide in and out thanks to spunk lube. I'm not one to say that lube changed my life, but I love you Jeff. And your Spunk lube is at the top of its game :)

Guys.....Im not a heavy cummer and have always wanted to be able to make it look like a natural disaster hit her between her legs! Lol! But if you want to make it look like you are...this stuff is a dream cum true (lol)!!! If your mistress/wife/girl friend/lover likes you making a mess, like mine does, this stuff will be your best kept secret!!!

The best lube out there!! I love how it it doesn't dry out and isn't oily. Easy to clean up as well. A+++! it is also hot to see cum-like lube on my bf's cock before he cums... Yum!

For me it's a precum spunk lube natural.

I got my new PINK spunk lube in and I LOVE LOVE IT.....Going to use it tomorrow during my shoot.

As advertised!! Silky smooth spunk lube goodness. Didn't believe the description of the texture but it's true. It works very well with the natural lubrication. She is very sensitive and other lubrication's sting her... This did not... The only one! We are excited and now life long customers of this company and product!

This spunk lube stuff is awesome! Just like its description; it's like the real thing but without the sticky. Doesn't dry out quickly and a little goes a long way. Prefer this over top of the line silicone lube, perfect for any kind of entry!! Loved it so much, I bought a gallon of it!

Works great. No need to reapply more. Doesn't burn.

Used the pure silicone spunk lube last night solo style. Best silicone I've ever used. Never been happy with any lube I've ever bought until now. Good stuff sir!

5 stars out of 5! This is the best nothing else even is close. You already know you like spunk... ;-)

your spunk lube is the greatest man.. i have used all kinds of lube alot of them leave my dick looking like a gluestick LOL but your lube is different because it leaves no residue and its silky and slick and best of all it looks like yummy cum.

good and slick, no uncomfortable friction.

We really like spunk lube pink. It gives you a smooth glide and doesn't dry up. There is no odor and doesn't stain like the product claims. we use it all the time.

seriously....I had the best, most explosive jo in the shower this a.m. using your spunk lube. Had a 5-day load worked up, was in Vegas this weekend with a bunch of people in my room, finally got a minute alone in the shower, went into my travel kit to get some lotion or something, saw I had a packet of your spunk lube, took some cock pics for fun, then used your lube - seriously the best wet jo I've ever had using your stuff - fucking awesome....keep up the awesome work man!! :)

I have used it a a couple of times, one time with my flesh jack. I also have used it without. both times really feels good. I have never used pure silicone based lubes before, but it feels really good. Its a different kind of sensation but it feels so silky smooth. I will try it again tonight maybe or i might wait until I get my ox balls cock ring. It's just like you said it never gets dry. I love using your pure silicone spunk lube.

A friend got me on to it. Love the lubrication feeling, not sticky and tasteless. lol. Love it. Your Spunk Looks and feels like cum. Thanks Jeff.

My husband found your SPUNK lube and we love it - I have stupidly sensitive skin and you wouldn't believe how many lubes we tried before finding this. Now I want to spread gospel of SPUNK. We have a Valentine party every year and I give the guests little gift bags with stuff like condoms. We get asked every year if we're going to include lube! Instead of the boring store kind, I'm going to include some of the little trial size packets of SPUNK lube so our friends can try it.

This is a wonderful lubricant my girlfriend and I really enjoy it for those long lovemaking sessions when she gets a little dry.

The spunk silicone is great! Super smooth, and I've never had to add more mid sex...that's the best part! Every other lube either gets gummy, dries out, or I simply have to keep adding more to stay slick. Yours is the exception! I love it and only use SPUNK! Awesome product.

Just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend loved the hybrid lube. So, yay. I'll be ordering more soon, seeing as I use it daily. It is a must for jerking off and for anal.

This is hands down the best anal lube around. If your butt is burning from other lubes try this one. It gets rid of the burning feeling or any aggravation down in that area. I thought I was lost for a moment cause I kept burning down there until I bought Spunk lube. Its more comfortable and the slip and slide access is great also. Get a smaller bottle first then buy the bigger bottles so you can refill your smaller bottle so you don't use as much!

spunk lube is the best lube I ever used! It doesn't have that sticky feel that a lot of cheap lubes have without being too runny and a few drops is usually all that you'll need. Got the 8oz bottle and I surprisingly love how convenient the pump top is. It's just so much easier, better and faster to use which really helps when you are in the spur-of-the-moment with your partner. Awesome lube, will buy again!

i accidentally found spunk lube while on vacation in Louisiana, if felt so awesome that i had to get some more, the boyfriend and i use it all the time, it literally feels like cum, which is awesome. Great product, i would recommend it to anyone.

I won't forget to order more of your awesome hybrid lube. It's the best lube I've found---love it. Doesn't stain, doesn't destroy my silicone toys and it's really nice and slick. And it comes in a pump container that doesn't leak. It's been nicer than Astroglide, Liquid Silk, Wet, IDGlide--I've not found anything I like more - Lisa

A couple of drops of spunk silicone lube smoothed over the face under your shave cream will give you a great shave. Will work everywhere. Prevents razor burn.

I love how smooth spunk lube is and how long it lasts !!! It never gets sticky !!! I truly LOVE the stuff !!! I would LOVE FEATURE this in my next several projects !!!

I love using it! Spunk Silicone has a great feel and it worked wonderfully! I did try Pink as well! They are both very good. But I enjoy the silicone a lil more.

Favorite type of silicone lube, good quality, and great price.

This stuff (spunk lube hybrid) is great- Works really well, lasts- and goes longer with a little spit AND doesn't stain my sheets!

Jeff the spunk lube pure silicone is awesome! i don't think i will be searching any other one out to use it is my first silicone lube i used and it will be my last. Love it! I also used it with a silicone rimmer. I love how silky it is and slippery. it made first time anal enjoyable and not painful - JustLikeHeavn76

Sensitive skin approved! After having to go to urgent care twice due to allergic reactions to other, similar products, I'm happy I stumbled on this spunk lube brand that does what it needs to without the drama!

spunk lube is the only lube I use! Doesn't get tacky, works well and easy clean up! I recommend it to everyone.

A+++ Great Stuff my girl loved it... thanks a lot!!!!

The pure silicone spunk works well for shower play!

By far the best lube I have ever used. It puts KY to shame. Great texture, not oily and sticky, and clean up is a breeze. Great Product your Spunk Lube!!!

Love it! Best anal lube ever used. So smooth going in and so fucking smooth when a hard cock is lubed with SpunkLube. Recommend Spunk Lube for anal sex for sure. The look and feel of real cum just adds to the enhancement of this lube. Try it!

Your spunk hybrid does def soften the skin, takes care of mosquito bites and as I found out recently it's great for shaving. My friend Rob loves it a lot too. He says his cock slides in my hole real nice and smooth.

This stuff is amazing, I don't normal wank with lube as I have foreskin I've never felt the need to do it. What the hell have I been missing!!!!!!! Seriously, I had the most intense orgasm I think I've ever had. I was able to pleasure myself in way I've not thought possible. Using this lube, which is the Silicone Lube, has really opened my eyes into different way that I can experiment sexually, both on my own and with a partner. It's an amazing brand, fun to use and the silicone lube needs only one application, I found it doesn't dry out at all so you maintain a smooth, sleek feel without it getting bitty or drying out. If you haven't tried it I strongly suggest you do, an affordable brand that is well worth your investment.

I not only love this stuff but have given around 400 samples and have nothing but rave reviews for this awesome lube! Everyone loves it!

This lubricant it's good.

Your spunk lube is the absolute best. I've tried lots, as my ex was very sensitive to lubes stinging, and then we found yours and it was perfect -Justin

My partner and I love using spunk lube these days. After about a year of trying other lubes and finding they irritate me, we found spunk lube and six months later we still love it and it doesn't make me sore yay.

Spunk lube is the best thing ever made.

If you have a cum fetish like me, there is nothing on the market as well made as Spunk lube. It's seriously awesome.

Just shut up and buy some. You won't regret it.

I have used the spunk pure silicone lube for a few months now and I love it. I have only used it for jerking off but it is amazing and has a great smooth texture! Love the feel and that it has no smell. I also love that it hasn't stained any sheets or clothes. It's just a great product all around!

I just got done going at it with my husband. We used your spunk lube and we loved it. Thanks Jeff you have some great lube.

I was skeptical because of all the great reviews and the bottle when I got it but I think they got creative here. This is literally spill proof. The pure silicone lube works good enough for me and yes it's slick and lasts a long time.

Best on the market. Brought to you by a handsome stud named Jeff. I wont buy any other. Creamy texture, no flavor, no skin irritation like EVERY other lube I've used. Great product your spunk lube is.

I recommend this product and my wife and I use it a lot.

I love how smooth and creamy hybrid spunk lube feels ???????? Thanks boo!

Hey Jeff, I used your lube last night. It’s very thick and lasts a long time. Used it with my ribbed mouth masturbater and blew a major load while watching one of your vids. Also like the noise it makes as you are stroking. Like having a real mouth slobbering all over my cock!

Feels real! Great buy.

I love how it feels! It's so smooth. There isn't anything else quite like it.

So used the spunk lube last night and again today... Mate, best lube I've ever used in my life and the clean up, love it.

I'm into anal and I love my butt plugs. I find spunk lube to be a real turn on for me and the product works really well. When having back door adventures, you really have to make sure you have a product that lasts and doesn't dry you out after 5 minutes. I'm really happy with spunk silicone lube.

I must say I was a bit skeptic about the spunk but it truly is amazing. Great structure, amazing lubrication and cleans off very easily! I ordered three 8oz. bottles and I think I should've ordered more. Also the shipping was so fast, I thought it would take at least few weeks for the package to come but it took only about 4 days and it pleasantly surprised me! (thanks usps!) Great work!

Perfect lube.

The spunk lube is really really good makes everything very slippery and wet, I can't w8 till I date someone again & get all intimate as spunklube with be on to do it. nice job!

Slick, Long lasting, PINK, Glycerin free, Compatible with most toys, Feels natural because it feels like cum, and great for penetration (toys or partner.) Spunklube Pink is a glycerin free hybrid lube. This hybrid is mostly a water based, but mixes with silicone based lube. This combines the versatility of water based lubes with the long lasting quality of silicone base lubes. Spunk lube is meant to feel completely natural because it's formulated to feel like cum. This is of course, without the sticky, clumping, and coagulated feel of semen. As you begin to rub it in and spread it, you notice how awesome it is. I mean awesome! It's slick, and a little goes a long way. You can feel the moisture on your skin. There is no sticky residue or that nasty tacky feeling that most lubes seem to have. It feels so natural. Usually, I am not a lube person because it's sticky, tacky, and leaves a gross residue on your skin even after you wash up. Spunk lube has proven to be nothing like that. I can honestly say, I love it. Wash up is so easy. After rubbing it all over my hands to take my images, I walked over to the sink and held my hands under warm water. It took about a minute, maybe two to completely come off, but no soap was required. I couldn't believe it. I'm shocked. As I have said before lube isn't my thing. Usually we just spit on it and my personal lube is enough to get things going. Though, around the time of the month it's a bit dry, so lube does come in handy. Plus, lube comes in handy with anal penetration for myself and my husband. So, it's always nice to have some when you need it. During it's use, I am surprised at how long it last. A little goes a long way. However, when you squeeze some out of this 8oz bottle... a glop comes out. This is more than enough for most tasks. You can keep rubbing and rubbing, but it won't soak completely in the skin. It stays really slick and never gets sticky. All items I have used for insertion (silicone, glass, metal, TPR, fingers, and penis') all glide in easily. You will not need to reapply this lube often. In fact, should you notice it's starting to dry, you can spit on it or put water on it. This will reactivate it, so you can continue. That means it will save you from having to use bottles all the time.

Stars: 5/5

I am rating Spunk lube Pink 5 out of 5 stars because there are no cons. It's one of the only lubes I will ever use. And that is saying something because I am very picky about what goes on my skin. (I suffer from eczema.)

me and my man love spunk! It is the only lube we use! it doesn't dry out or irritate me or him. it is literally the best thing we don't do it unless we spunk it up!!

Love it! Somewhat different sensation than other products we have used. Definitely aids in putting larger things in smaller places! Not messy or sticky, and no discernible smell. We will definitely get this again when we run out! I have no second thoughts in recommending this product! I think most folks will like it!

spunk lube is great for PUMPING too. Makes a nice clean seal before you enlarge your meat.

Love it! works well!

Spunk lube has expanded my sex life. My boyfriend actually gets excited about using the lube. It feels great and works amazingly. Definitely one of the best purchases I have made in the sex department. I will be a repeat customer!

It's the best lube that u ever used u will never change it for nothing u will enjoy for years to come I will used spunk lube all the time.

I am almost out of lube. Your Spunk lubes are the best!

Phenomenal lube. I had an issue with burning sensation with every other lube we tried, but this has been amazing! Been using it for over 3 years.

I think you have amazing lubricants all the way around, and love it all. I like the silicone but for whatever reason prefer the hybrid. Can't wait to use it all. And best wishes to you!

Excellent lubricant!


I liked spunk lube and it worked great and it lasted awhile. It seemed to “maintain” longer and it seemed unlike most other lube, that just becomes too much. In other words, if you happen to over apply, no big deal.

the best lube!

So for me, the appeal of Spunk Lube Hybrid is that it’s supposed to look and feel like cum, and this was the main pull for my wanting to try it. I absolutely love the look of cum, especially if it’s pouring down a hard cock. I love it splattered on a face, on a chest or on a belly. I love the way it feels in my hand, especially when I get a little too close to climax and my ejaculation jumps the gun, sending a sneak preview out of my cock and down my shaft. Yes, it’s true what they say: cum makes great lube. The problem is a guy can’t usually produce the spunk without the orgasm, and once that happens the desire to stroke usually dissipates as quickly as the erection. So with Jeff’s Spunk Lube, guys now have the chance to jack with something that looks and feels just like cum.

When it was time to try the lube, I confess I was pretty damn excited. I cracked open the seal on the bottle and used the pump nozzle to put some on my fingers. (NOTE: If you’re going to buy this stuff, go for the bottle with the pump. I love the pump!) My first thought was, “Wow. This stuff really does look like cum.” I rubbed my fingers in it. My second thought was, “Wow. This stuff really does feel like cum.” I tried this small amount on my cock. Pretty damn nice! Just like real cum, the Spunk Lube has a definite dual consistency. There’s a thicker component, but also that precummy slipperiness that makes for such a nice feeling when you’re using real cum (and precum) as lube.

Just like real cum, the stuff kind of mixes together when you’re stroking. I can see why Jeff added the silicone to this stuff; it really makes it long lasting and keeps things wet. I can’t remember when any straight water-based lube or even a hybrid felt this good for masturbation. The next time I was ready to jack (a few hours later), I once again pulled out the Spunk Hybrid Lube. This time I held the pump over my erection and gave it a couple of taps. I wanted to see how realistic the lube looked pouring down from the head of my cock.

If you’ve always been curious about lubes that look and feel like cum, I’d definitely recommend you try Spunk Hybrid Lubricant. It lasts a long time, looks like cum, and feels like cum. To me, it didn’t smell or taste like cum, but it certainly scores big points for visual appeal and for how damn good it feels while you’re stroking with it. You’ll probably use more of this stuff than you would any other lube, just because it it’s so fun to play around with, but it’s available in a few different sizes, for guys who just want to try it (2oz flip-top bottle), guys who want a bigger bottle (8oz pump bottle, as pictured above), and guys who want a REALLY big bottle (the 128oz jug with pump). It’s also available in multipacks.

I received a sample of Spunklube at an expo recently, and I cannot stop talking about what an amazing product it is! Being a lifestyle host as well as an owner of an adult toy business, I know how important it is to find a great lube. There are many products out there that claim to be the best, but Spunklube truly is! I recommend it on both a personal and professional level.

Is this real spunk it's hard to tell the difference love it love it love it love it

We've been supplying Spunk Lube Hybrid and making it available for our gay guests at Guysers Gaystay B&B in Rotorua New Zealand for nearly 2 years now (guysersgaystay.com). All the feedback we've had from our guests who have purchased a bottle of Spunk Lube Hybrid has been great. Gay men love it because it looks and feels just like cum, and its easy clean-up. It's a real turn on when worked up over your cock for a solo wank, squirted into a Fleshlight, or applied on your mans butt hole for that freshly-fucked look and feel! Thanks Spunk Lube.

SPUNK hybrid lube is definitely my favorite lube! When Jeff told me he mailed my order, I was immediately excited. I heard all about it and couldn’t wait to try it out. When I checked my mailbox and saw the package I ripped it open and saw the sexy cartoon version of STR8Cam Jeff. ‘It’s a pretty big bottle so it must have a nice amount of lube in it’ was one of my first thoughts. I immediately ran to my room, grabbed a dildo, pulled up some hot porn online, and went to work. SPUNK lube is GREAT! It looks just like cum and I find that VERY arousing. It feels nice and slick whether you use it while stroking your cock or fingering you hole. I love it! I’m going to be using SPUNK lube for a LONG time.

I’m just back from a trip around USA and I met some friends that had hybrid spunk lube. I really loved it cause it doesn’t get dry after a few time of penetration but you can still easily wash it when you are done. It feels like natural lube. :)

I'm 48 years old and have used various things as lubes. I've tried different soaps (I have my one I like) and have tried other lubes (which I didn't care for). There have even been times I've jacked off with nothing. Until one day, sort of by "accident", I tried using my own cum as a lube. My God it felt great!!!! It was such a turn on for me. The only problem, it dries out so quick. I've never heard or read anything about anyone else using their own (or anyone else) cum to jack off with, so I tried doing a search and couldn't get over the number of other people who use cum as a lube. During the search I found your spunk lube web site. I just had to try it. I've never felt anything like it....I love it. I haven't used anything else since but SPUNK Lube. Although there are still times I jack off with nothing. Just all depends on the situation.

Best hybrid lube ever , where can I buy this in a store????

GENIUS!!!! this lubes amazing! buy it try it love it. is all i can say about spunk lube.

Can slip and slide for what seams like hours. No odor, and doesn't taste bad. Works great if your girl is a squirter. Soo soo slippery!

I like using the spunk silicone for the extra slickness and the spunk hybrid version is by far the best and slickest hybrid I've tried. You've done an excellent job with the formulas!

Very good lube!

this has been quite the sexual summer for me lol. in addition to all that i have said before, I've added 69 rimming to my bucket list and checked that off....YES! lol. just the other night added as done being "DP"ed! thanks to your lube! well, ok, technically it wasn't two actual cocks up my butt but one cock & one dildo. my friend rob supplied the cock n i had one of my dildos. Does that count? anyway, i don't think i would have attempted it if it wasn't for your spunk lube.

This silicone spunk is the best stuff ever! Lives "up" to it's reputation. Even got my son a bottle for his "jack" sessions.

good and slick, no uncomfortable friction.

I can’t wait to help spread the word about your new lube. I was a little skeptical when I saw you mention that it was formulated to look and feel like cum… but YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, and its hot! The thicker consistency is great, it never got sticky and without getting into the dirty details… it lasted for a long, LONG time. When we were done it rinsed off easily and didn’t stain my sheets at all! I’m excited they decided to carry it at Chi Chi LaRue’s store here in West Hollywood and I look forward to using it much more in the future! – George Jaramillo, MJ’s Bar in Silver Lake, Director of Marketing & Promotions.

Very pleased! Very nice silicone lube, not too thick and works perfectly so the job in hand.

great lube!!

Works well. Didn't notice it drying out too quickly; perhaps a bit thicker than other types, but the coloring of this brand gives it some interesting realism. Overall, I definitely feel like I got my money's worth from this purchase.

My favorite lube! Great for anal! Also, it's safe with all my quality silicone toys. It is often said that even hybrid lubes can ruin your silicone toys but this has worked perfectly and they're good as new (keeping in mind that I clean them before and after use).

The product isn't oily like some silicone lubes, and it positively never gets sticky like water-based lubes. I've used it for a couple of months now, and have nothing but good things to say. It's the best thing I've used in 20 years: soft, silky, slick, last and lasts, absolutely odorless and tasteless. It's there, but it feels like a part of you.

Damn this stuff is great man, I've been jerking off like crazy. I must of jerked off 8 times since I got this lube.

My name is Lucy Khan and I'm a BDSM professional in LA. Specifically, I'm the head-mistress/co-owner of a private dungeon in West LA near Culver City (www.SubmissionLA.com). I wanted to reach out because we LOVE your spunk lube! We buy the spunk hybrid lube by the gallon and it is by FAR the best water-based lube that we've tried over the years. So thanks for making such a smooth product and keep up the good work :)

Oh. My. God! I tried out the spunk lube last night and I found that if I use half silicone and half hybrid, it drives me crazy. Holy shit! Alone, each one of them is superior to any lubricant I've ever used. I really didn't know what to expect but I never would've imagined spunk lube could feel this good. This stuff is going on everything now!

Jeff, I have never been much of a fan for using lube when I jack off because most of the lubes on the market are very oily and end up turning into a sticky mess. Then don't you just hate it how you end up with bits of tissue, oil & cum pasted on your tender cock, trying to clean up with those other brands? With SPUNK LUBE, say goodbye to the days of rubbing your hard as a rock cock raw! And there is virtually no lube mess to clean up. No stickiness. Just clean up your cum as you normally would! I used the Hybrid Spunk Lube, which is the original. It doesn't require using a lot. If you need more, just add it when it's needed. I lay down on the bed, pulled my shorts off, and lowered the waistband of my jockstrap below my shaved balls. I was already feeling pretty horny when I put some Spunk Lube in my hand and grabbed my throbbing rock hard 8 inch cock and applied the lube to the shaft and head of my cock, and was in instant heaven! The Spunk Lube just enveloped my cock and awakened every nerve ending in that slab of man meat as I began slowly jerking myself off. As the Spunk Lube warmed up, the feeling only intensified, and I had to concentrate on not cumming until I was ready. I was using this solo, imagine with a partner... Fuck! Think of the possibilities! That brought me over the edge shooting one of my biggest loads ever thanks to Spunk Lube from my chin to my abs and gave me one helluva orgasm. The Spunk Lube was so awesome, it made me feel so horny, and felt so good on my big cock I had to go again. This time I searched for and found a dildo I wanted to try with Spunk Lube. With that other Companies oily mess dripping out of my butt it was hard for me to tell how much I liked something up there. It just wasn't pleasant, and there was no way I was going to let a gay up there if I couldn't take a dildo and tolerate that. But I was encouraged, because Spunk Lube was the best thing I ever found for jacking off!
I prepped myself and right from the start I could feel myself getting very hard as I fingered my hole with the Spunk Lube to open me up. I noticed I wasn't feeling slippery. Instead, moist, smooth, and man was I getting horny. When I could easily insert and rotate three fingers in comfort with the lotion I grasped the long, thick, life like dildo and lightly coated it with the Spunk Lube, and yup, it looks just like cum! I pushed out and pushed in with the dildo and I went at a comfortable pace. No oil mess, btw! The lube felt cool as it reached the end of its 9" journey inside me. I hadn't split in two. I was very, very horny. I proceeded to discover what they say is true, any initial pain is replace by immense feelings of pleasure. The Spunk Lube helped me get through this, and I really want to try it with a live cock attached to a live guy, and of course Spunk Lube! I could go on, but you can see that Spunk Lube made a big change in my life, and it can in yours, too. Why wouldn't you want more pleasure, less mess, more convenience, and a well made, first class product? For me it is no choice any longer. I'm hooked!

works great, Don't need to use a lot so more value for your money since it's pure silicone lube.

I love this lube! Can't get over how it looks like cum. I think the gay community here in tulsa should know about spunk lube and I would like to be the person that could help get the word out.

Best lube ever and a lot of fun with friends!

Hands down most realistic spunk lube hybrid out there! Definitely recommendable to anyone and everyone! Again, the best in its class a must buy.

hey Jeff how in the world do you make your hybrid spunk lube look so much like real cum? it's fucking awesome! Hands down best customer service out there, had a time requirement I needed to meet and the owner Jeff was very helpful and contacted me directly with info. The Spunk lube was also entirely worth what i paid for, looked exactly like real cum and more smooth than silk. Thank you for the product and help Jeff!

I got a few samples of spunk lube a few years back at Pride NY and loved it, but I neglected to write down the name. I finally figured out the name recently and ordered a bottle of the Hybrid. Not only did it arrive faster than scheduled, but it was even better than I remembered! Nothing else feels that good, looks that real, or cleans up that easily. It doesn't dry out and takes only a small amount to get things done. What a great lube!! I'm definitely a customer for life!

recently, my partner & i had some really intense sex. my butthole on the receiving end of his cock. he pounded away several times over a short span of time. loved it lol. we used SPUNK Lube which added to the whole sex event. later my hole was really feeling it. ive used SPUNK for different things like to relieve itching from bug bites and even as a skin softener. so i figured lets see what it does for a used & sore hole. i have to admit, it kind of eased the soreness, etc down there. thankfully! so chalk up another plus for SPUNK :-)

Spunk Pink lasts a long time. It's water based and safe with silicone toys. It doesn't dry out or get tacky after a few minutes like most others, so you don't need to replenish it or drown things. It also wipes up really easily without leaving detectable residue. It pretty much just feels like pre.

I've had an extensive period to try out both your products: SPUNK lube and SPUNK silicone lube. My personal preference lies with the silicone-based product. The silicone product is definitely one of my favorites and my exclusive lube, i love the very pleasant texture and it is great for toys. Good job man, I'd be a freakin poster by for you :)

Tried this lube as a free sample and loved it. It actually makes me horny using it and had the best sex with it. Fantastic product Jeff.

I bought some and really liked it. Then bought a half gallon & now replacing my empty jug. I really like your lube. Thanks for making it.

I found out about spunk lube after my friend used it to lube his giant cock to breed my tight ass. I felt his head press gently on my hole and could feel the lube coat my entrance. It felt so real I thought I was going to cum right then and there. He slowly but forcefully pressed his cock past the point of no return as he pumped his meat balls deep in me. He continually slid his cock in and out of me, passionately rubbing my button and feeling the spunk lube as if he pumped gallons of his seed deep in my gut. With one more thrust of his manhood I felt a wave of pleasure overcome my body as I orgasm. My hole instinctively clutches his cock, the bringer of my intense pleasure, pulling it deeper in me as I feel his breath intensify and his cock twitch with each burst of his seed combining with the lube and filling me to the brim with spunk. It was amazing :)

It is long lasting, has no bad taste, is very smooth, and doesn't get sticky. The fantasy of using cum as a lubricant is very arousing and it makes sex toys feel more realistic. I've been using it for years and it's my favorite fetish lube. Partners notice the difference in the quality of the lube and my intense arousal. It's also makes safe sex with a condom feel more natural, especially anal sex. It is a definite must for anal sex because of it's thick & smooth. Above all, it's the visual stimulant that makes this the best lube of all. It truly does looks & feels like cum. Highly recommended.

I would like to say bravo ! I have been working in adult stores for awhile now. And I have tried a lot of lubes. But nothing nothing at all ! Comes close to how amazing spunk pink is ! I tell everyone and their mothers about this product. I love it. Its the only lube I use now. Please don't ever stop making it. Its the best texture not to thick not to thin. It stays wet and doesn't get nasty and sticky. Its great for anal and vaginal. Amazing for us people whom are sensitive to everything. So once again. Stick around as long as possible. And stay spunky my friends.


I used the spunk lube with a dildo last night and it was EVERYTHING. Never had so much pleasure and ease EVER. It was great!

I do long cam shows & just a drop of @spunklube on the head of my dick keeps my 8 incher Lubricated and comfortable for hours ! It really is amazing how it doesn't dry out, keeps my foreskin comfortable in long stroking sessions.

I have to say that this is the best lube i have used. No scent, no taste, but works well and isn't irritating at all. Definitely love this lube and recommend it and will definitely keep using it.

I think you really have something that is revolutionary. Like I can't get over the difference between EVERY other lube and yours.

I ordered the spunk lubes 8 oz. 3 bottles and get 1 free, so 4 bottles. Thanks and I love the lube. Its the best out there!!

Don't stop making this stuff. This is the best ever. When mixed with my juices it taste so good and my cum is thick and milky. Please buy this stuff you won't be disappointed.

I LOVE the hybrid lube! I love the feel of it; it's slippery and lasts a long time. I love using a lot of it at one time, and it doesn't dry out. Seems like it's slippery forever. One other thing I really like is the visual impact. Love the look of cum. This is very erotic and makes me feel very "sexual" and horny to the max! Str8cam Hybrid and Spunk hybrid lube are the only lubes for me from now on! Your customer service can't be beat! Thanks for providing me with such a quality product. I'm a customer for life! - Frank S

i just wanted to let you know that the spunk lube is amazing stuff. The best lube I have ever used with the added bonus that it looks like cum! Your lube with a glass dildo is the perfect combination!!!

Bro, you hit the jackpot with spunk hybrid lubricant!!! I have never seen another lube like this, it's perfect! I even spread all over my hands to test it and it didn't dry out or get sticky after a long time and rinsed right off with water, and of course I smelled and tasted it too. U made my day! Imagine if I take a pic of that splashed all over my mouth and face and posted it LMAO!!!! Looks so real!

WOW!! I can''t believe how fast my spunk lube was delivered!! AMAZING PRODUCT TOO!!

So a company has come up with a new angle for gay lube lovers: lube that looks like cum. Cool. But I wondered if this could be a one-trick pony, because after the first time pumping out the whitish semen-ish gel and thinking “Wow, cum!” I figured my excitement would quickly wane if it’s a crappy lube. It’ll take more than a lube with cum viscosity to have people switch from their favorite brands. And the pump itself: it features a cartoon of a hunky guy in skimpy underwear. So now you must be wondering is it any good? Well, surprisingly yes. I went solo in this test: Took my lube home, put on some porn and when my cock was plump and ready, I pumped some of the lube on my eager rod… and it felt great. It’s water-based and my happy dick felt great in my lubed hand. So it passed the initial, but important J/O test. I then tried it with one of my stroker toys. Ummm, will this thing dry out before I could pop one? After generously glopping some on my now twitching dick and the entry to my Fleshjack Ice Jack Mouth, I had nowhere to go and no one was in the apartment, so I took my time. And the lube lasted to my final furious explosion! So I went from a cynic to a prophesier! Being water-based, clean up is real easy. And in case you were wondering, no it doesn’t taste like cum. (Take my word for it – I tried it so you don’t have to.) So yes, use STR8cam Lube and your happily-greased-up schlong will thank you!

Jeff, your spunk lube looks great..I really love the texture and the color..great product man!

One of the best lubricants on the market. It's the right kind of smooth, you can't go wrong here.

I have been using SPUNK lube for over a year now and I'm a HUGE avid fan and enjoy converting others into using it as I love the smooth way it feels, doesn't have a burning sensation like some other lubes and NO STAINS on my bed sheets, clothes and gear! Trust me, I have put your lube to the test and it does not fail in delivery much to my (and others) enjoyment and happiness.

A good silicone lube is going to have a great baby oil-like texture and will last a long time. Spunk Lube Silicone certainly meets this bill. There’s no odor, and it covers nicely. In fact, I might even say that Spunk Lube’s silicone formula feels a bit thicker than the Wet Platinum that’s also on my desk, but I’m not sure the consistency is more than slightly noticeable. Spunk Lube touts itself as non-staining, and I haven’t had any problem with this silicone lube. As a general rule, if a silicone lube stains your clothing or linens (or your trick’s best muscle shirt), just treat the stain with some oxygen-based laundry cleaner and that usually takes care of it. The only drawback I find with silicone lubes is that they aren’t always compatible with toys that are made of silicone. There’s some complex scientific thing going on here, but – in general – premium silicone toys aren’t going to be affected by premium silicone lubes. Still, always test your toys with any lube before you slather them up and go to town. While using Spunk Lube Silicone, I tested it with silicone toys from Tantus, Rocks Off and Doc Johnson with no ill effects to any of the toys.

just letting you know i received my bottle of Spunk Lube in the mail and after trying it out...uh...privately....i must say it is the BEST LUBE IN THE UNIVERSE.

SPUNK Lube, rarely has a product name done so much to let a consumer know exactly what the product is supposed to mimic. Also rare is a product with such a descriptive name that actually does what it claims it does. What am I going on about? Well, Spunk Lube Hybrid formulation! This is almost perfect! The Spunk lube has the same general consistency as real spunk and doesn’t dry up as quickly. It didn’t react with my silicone stroker which is a massive plus. It has the same pearly shine with the clear finish that real cum has when it’s fresh. A fetishist will want to invest in a larger bottle to really have that “covered in spunk fantasy” the smaller bottles will only give a true fluid fetishist a single experience. The product is worth the extra cost as it didn’t irritate my penis in any fashion whether I used a couple of drops or really poured it on. Stroking it on my cock didn’t leave me with that slight burn when I piss feeling that some silicone based lubes can leave behind when they get inside my penis. One interesting feature was the way it mixed with my own spunk when I came. It was then that I realized that this product was just about the closest thing to real cum as I have had the pleasure to try. Having a wife that is a sex toy tester means I get to try MANY different types of lube. I like this one and would recommend it to closet fluid fetishists who don’t want to spook their partners! Buy the larger size and give it a whirl. I lubed up my favorite glass toy, Casper, and went to town. The lube lasted FOREVER, or at least much longer than I expected given that it’s actually water based with silicone on the side, so to speak. I had zero burning, zero irritation and absolutely zero change in my personal scent ( the first sign of a yeast/bacteria overgrowth). Score! The lube washes cleanly away which is always an issue with me and silicone lubes. I also like that it can be used as an anal lube. I am quite comfortable giving this lube very high marks and recommending it to anyone who asks. So there is it, folks; my totally unsolicited opinion of Spunk Lube Hybrid Formula. It works well for handjobs, vaginal sex, anal sex, toy use including dildos and strokers. It’s an all around great little hybrid lube - Airen Wolf Reviews at airenwolf.com/spunk-lube/

I just wanted to say that I ordered Oxballs Cock Sling and some Spunk Lube to go along with it the other day. My package arrived today, much quicker than I'd expected. Needless to say, I really wanted to try out the Spunk. So I did that and am TOTALLY impressed with the product. It's very slick, lasts a long time, and you don't need a lot of it to get the job done! I consider these all to be BIG positives! Thanks, again, Jeff, for such great products and keep up the good work, man!

I heard about spunk hybrid from a buddy. He I guess heard about it from a one night stand and loved it, and after I tried some I love your lube too!

It does feel like cum, the color and the texture... I love it!

seriously....I had the best, most explosive jo in the shower this a.m. using your spunk lube. Had a 5-day load worked up, was in Vegas this weekend with a bunch of people in my room, finally got a minute alone in the shower, went into my travel kit to get some lotion or something, saw I had a packet of your lube, took some cock pics for fun, then used your lube - seriously the best wet jo I've ever had using your stuff - fucking awesome....keep up the awesome work man!! :)

This stuff is incredible! I've bought nearly everything on the market over the past few years, and despite what I thought were exaggerated advertising claims, I tried this. OMG, was I shocked at how good it is! Stays wet for a very long time, never gets sticky like most other water-based lube.

I love this spunk lube.. Makes sex 10X greater.

Man your SpunkLube is AWESOME, just took 3 toys and 3 dicks with your hybrid lube!

My job keeps me pretty busy 70-85 hours a week, so social interaction isn’t always an option. However, who needs social interaction when you have Spunk Lube? I bought Spunk Lube Silicone after tweeting with Jeff. I wanted something that if I were to masturbate and fall asleep, I wouldn’t wake up in the morning with a sticky mess. It was incredible. I seriously had the best orgasm of my life. My legs were twitching and my cock and balls were throbbing afterwards that I just had to do it again. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that first night with my Spunk. It’s definitely the best lube I’ve ever experienced. Before work this morning, I had a little one-on-one with a friend. The silicone connected ass and cock like they were meant to be together. It was intense. I was late to work, but it was entirely worth it. Thanks Jeff and Thanks Spunk Lube Silicone! A++++++!!

Heard great things and had to try it out! I was not disappointed with spunk lube! Spoke with the owner, Jeff, who helped me out with a shipping problem. Not only is the product great, but the customer service was on point. This is how to run a business! Highly recommend this product. Works much better (and looks and feels better) than traditional products. Thanks, again! Will be buying again when I need more!

I have used spunk in the past and it is one of the best lubes I have ever used. Along with that when approached, the company stepped forward and helped us sponsor several events to help the LGBT community in Hampton Roads VA.

I didn't think I would be having sex out here at all but i met a cute army guy . The only lube that I would ever buy......is spunklube!

I don't think i will ever buy any other LubriCANT again. This is definitely the best LubriCAN I've ever cum across. We order it by the gallon and it gets used at least once a week, great for toys, soft on the skin, and works amazing with condoms for those extended dinner parties now and then. Placing another order today gotta make sure we don't run out ;)

The color & texture was a complete surprise to me. Spunk Hybrid really does look like... well, spunk!! The results were extremely satisfying & I was very pleased with the quality & consistency of the lubricant. This is the type of product that I can confidently recommend to our clients based on personal experience. Plus, I like that it can be used by both men & women. The product is unique & certainly not at all like the other brands that we currently stock.

I really like Spunk Lube Hybrid. Ive not tried the Pink variety or the other ones, but for me the natural creamy colour of Spunk Lube Hybrid does it for me. For anal sex its the bomb. Seeing my shaft and a f-buddies butthole covered in Spunk Lube while penetrating really does look like, well, you know what! Because it looks and feels so realistic it usually doesn't take me long before I'm blasting off. Works just as well in a Fleshlight too for solo fun. Best lube ever!

Spunk Lube Silicone has an awesome glide, it's never sticky, and lasts forever! Great for fucking as well bud! Woof! Spunk Lube Pure Silicone is my favorite.

It’s water based, white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available. Basically SPUNK Lube looks and feels like cum. It cleans up easily like water, it’s really does smell of spunk, its condom friendly and very importantly it won’t stain your sheets. It’s just like any good lube, apart from the cum thing. It does a better job as a lube than cum would and has a handy pump top bottle.

AWESOOOOMMMME! sorry its been a while for me to write i been so busy! Your spunk lube is fantastic! I have never used something like it before!

I am a loyal customer of this product.

Best lube for the money!

I tell ya, the bottles of the Spunk Lubes really stand out (and I like that!). I've had two people spot them in my room and both were really intrigued. I told them to check you guys out. I was super impressed with the Hybrid, Pink & silicone too. I've never really had one that just did the trick for me, so it's been real exciting to have these awesome Spunk Lubes -Kendra (adult sex toy reviewer at kendrasuniquestyle.blogspot.com)

Love your lube (and so does everyone I've used it on!

Ordered Spunk Lube Pure Silicone and it is amazing!! Used it on a toy of mine and slid in and out of me with ease. Can't wait to try it with the real thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Will definitely continue to buy this stuff. I am telling all my friends.

This stuff is great! it's slick, and stays wet a long time. It behaves as advertised and cleans off of you with a hand towel, no water necessary. The stuff cleans easily off your toys with soap and water, leaving no residue. It's toy / latex safe and did I mention it looks like cum. Yeah, for fetishists like myself that's a major selling point. I love using my own cum as a lube for the second round of fun. Ok I'm a kinky fuck... moving on... With Spunk I get to have the thrill of stroking with something that looks like cum... right from the get go. Spunk is a really nice all around solution because it's a hybrid. It stays wet & slick longer than the traditional water based lube. It does eventually require either water or re-aplication but not nearly as often as many of the traditional water based lubes. If you're into edge play, this can be a nice change. It's safe for use as a vaginal/anal lubricant, it's also neutral tasting. All are advantages because you can have fun alone or with someone, without having to think about which lube to use or breaking the action to clean up just to umm... get dirty again. Looking at the Spunk bottle pictured... is that cum or is it Spunk? Can't tell? that's the point! Yeah I did my own little photo shoot to see if the pictures on the Spunk web site were "Doctored" guess what? I don't think they were. In my highly unscientific comparison spunk stays slick just about as long as my own highly personal product. Of course I can buy Spunk in 8 oz bottles and my personal product cums in only tablespoon quantities. (Hey I had to do a fair comparison didn't I? Besides I had the lube on my hand I didn't want to waste it!) I will admit that I am somewhat biased to my own product... But I think that's because I feel so good dispensing it! Dispensing Spunk isn't quite as much fun, on the other hand... dispensing Spunk means I'm going to be having fun so it's an easy tradeoff. Some other notes, my skin can be sensitive, especially around the urethral opening. I've had a number of lubes that caused irritation in that area. If you're a guy like me who's had lubes that felt like someone was holding a blowtorch to the end of your dick, Spunk is a safe choice it hasn't caused any negative reaction whatsoever. I think that I'll be switching to Spunk only for all my future sexual escapades... Now can I get a bulk discount? YES! you can buy the product in Gallon sized jugs. You know... there is a whole practical joke aspect to this stuff that might just be worth exploring!

FYI...I found your product with an ad in Go Naked Magazine. Found spunk silicone on Amazon in the 2oz bottle. Tried it and it has changed my life with my partner! I wish this product was around many years ago! As a result, I have been singing the praise of Spunk Silicone to friends and even gave the 2oz travel size as gifts! Everyone who has tried it, loves the Pure silicone version. I am a bill board for a Happy and Satisfied Customer. Thank you!

So Slippery. Love this stuff!!! Great slick lube with a very "realistic" look to it. Cleans up easily. A little does the trick and doesn't dry too quickly.

Awesome!!! Does exactly what it says, love this product.

I love EVERYTHING about SPUNK Hybrid Lube, look, feel, smell, taste LOL its perfect, non sticky, looks HOT like cum, just amazing bro! Cant say enough!!

Certainly never going back to any other lubes again. The best bang for your Buck is an under statement. The mix of spunk hybrid really is perfect and feels just incredible. Thanks so much.... REALLY I'm definitely ordering from you again soon. Thanks

It’s a smooth ride for both solo & anal, no stickiness which I love & it has helped soothe my new tattoo. Great lube.

My review of Spunk Lube. Well where do I start, I have used many different Lubes, and this (Spunk Lube Hybrid) is far the Best Lube I have ever used, It is smooth and slick, as if you were driving on Black Ice it is very slick with instant Increase in Pleasure. To me every time I use Spunk Lube Hybrid it is a much more Pleasurable and rewarding Experience, It is a amazing Product, If you have never tried it, you are really missing out on a satisfying experience. Jeff Thank you again, for creating the Spunk, Its awesome!

To my surprise, the product was much better than I expected. It did feel like cum, but, wasn’t drying out like I thought it would. It maintained it lubrication factor and worked very well. I’ve used it a couple of more times since then and it continued to surprise me. I even tried it in the shower. Although I do prefer a lighter lube with less ‘product’, this lubricant works very well both for masturbation and for sex with a partner. Mrs. Swingtastic and I used during a crazy fuck session and we both pleasantly surprised. As it is a water-based lube, it does clean up nice and easy. After I finish up this bottle, I’ll be coming back for another one. We hope to feature this product on our website www.Swingtastictoys.com soon. Sex toys for swingers.

Definitely looks like the real thing. Passes as both female and male juices!

SPUNK Lube Hybrid is fun, sexy, slick, and hot! As a cum connoisseur, SPUNK Lube is the money shot of lubes! It's erotic to play with as it simulates the look and feel of cum. It makes my dick hard and keeps me cumming back for more.

Spunk Lube is awesome! I'm BI and this is the best lube I've ever experienced in my life! The Cum Hybrid Spunk Lube is perfect, when I have sex with a woman I feel like I'm giving her a creampie, with guys I feel like I'm breeding them! I only use condoms for hookups and don't use condoms in a relationship and either way the lube is fucking fantastic! I also enjoy giving myself facials ;) A must have for a straight, BI or gay dude!

I really enjoyed your hybrid spunk lube. I felt like i was jerk off with my own cum. It feel so good.

THE BEST LUBE I HAD EVER USED. The texture, the cum-looking appearance & the sensation of it. Soo nice. Amazing job with spunk hybrid lube! Grab 1 guys!

I ordered the pink hybrid and let me tell you it was the best I've ever tried. Made for a pleasurable and very intense self pleasuring if you know what i mean.
It made it very easy to use a brand new toy which in the past not using spunk lube made it not ver pleasurable. With the old lube it dried out and would irritate but not with spunk. I just went to town and blew like a great load!! Also made clean the toy very easy. Order yours today!!! You will not be disappointed! I've used all different kinds of other lube in the past and they get sticky, dry out quick, or just formed an awful glob but not pink hybrid spunk.

Spunk Lube is our favorite lube. The price is great, not too sticky or slick, and I’ve had no allergic reaction to it like with other brands!

Good Product!

I love Spunk Lube! First, you receive it in a discreet package. I tried it as soon as I got it and it felt so great... like real cum. Absolutely buying more!

Jeff: Just received your SPunk lube! Ferociously good stuff -yeow! Never had a lube that was so much fun just to put on! Heheh...

I've got experience with Pjur & Gun Oil/Pink so I was excited to compare your spunk silicone to those as well as the JO Lube. I am in love with your spunk silicone lube!!! It may be the closest I've felt that is similar to my original fave, Pjur. Actually, it might even feel a bit better. Compared to the JO silicone, it was silkier and I liked how it felt as you rubbed it in. The JO starts to feel sticky and is nowhere near as thick and silky feeling as yours. :) Now, the hybrid spunk, I tried it this weekend. I liked it a lot too. I haven't got a lot of experience with the hybrid lubes but I'm impressed with yours.

Hey Jeff, SPUNK Pure Silicone, for me, is GREAT with toys and extended play - you never have to re-lube! Lol. My favorite is the SPUNK Hybrid because it gives me a little more friction than the silicone - great for edging! :)

Visually appealing! I work as a cam girl and I bought this because I wanted the visual of well er... spunk! And it's pretty spot on! I also suggest using it as a filler for those 'squirting dildos' or a visual aid.

Spunk lube pure silicone is one of the best silicone lubricants I have used! Stays slick and extremely long lasting. Love it!!

I don't wanna look like a slut on twitter but just used spunk lube to have sex earlier and the guys 1st words afterward was "when r u free again".

This product is so great it's so good in every way. perfect pure silicone lubricant.

One of the best lubes for bareback sex :)

Very silky and super wet. You could put a Cadillac in a dog house with this pure silicone spunk lube.

Love them! best orgasm I have every time.

Spunk Hybrid Lube looks and feels like the real thing. Great for those private moments! Fun to use, and recommended!

Best lube out there by far. Lasts long, easy to wash off and doesn't stain fabrics. Great for men and women.

Unlike any other lube I’ve tried. It’s just simply AMAZING! Spunk lube lasts and stays moist for quite a long time.

Yes! i love it....has strongly recommended your lube to my friends.

I enjoy using the new spunk silicone. It is cleaner than any other silicone lube out there. Not so messy and easy cleanup. Thank you so much.

I was given this and I LOVE it. I have problems, like irrigation, with others because of chemicals they use but no problem with this. The feel is like nothing else out there and it stays slick a lot longer without getting sticky. Nothing else for me. I love your spunk lubricant.

The formulation and consistency is PERFECT!

this is a great lube with a nice smooth feel that isn't messy.

I heard about your lube on a radio station on XM. We decided to try it out, and as you can we are back to purchase more. We both think that this is the best lube on the market. Have tried many others but nothing matches your products.

It was every thing u said, didn't dry out, didn't have the old greasy feeling, and after cumming I still jacked off with was still on my dick!! My partner loved the fact it was not all sticky like the others. And it felt great to not have to stop and reapply!!

A great product with great results. I really enjoy using my new favorite lube every day.

Spunk Lube has everything you look for in a great lube… Good feel and texture, not messy, & definitely enhances the sex.

Better than expected. Simply wonderful. It does as advertised and it reactivates with water.

Thank you so much for the excellent service. Also, this lubricant is great. My boy friend and I both have a cum fetish and we love your hybrid lube. It looks so real and is great fun in pictures. Take care and thanks again - Bill and Brian

Simply put...I love spunk. This lube is absolutely amazing!

Love the silky and slippery texture of spunk lube pure silicone. I tried it last nite; I got off 3 times. Needless to say, I have to have some more.

You are absolutely right about this SPUNK lube. It was so smooth and not sticky at all. I jacked off with this lube; Very easy to clean without making any messes! Very intense and I LOVE it! Very excited feeling! The best lube I have ever bought and used for a long time! Thank you so much! I can't believe that your SPUNK lube is the BEST product ever!!! Love it!

I just recently purchased a bottle of Spunk Lube hybrid and I have to say that I am really impressed with it. It felt natural and long lasting. Not messy and easy to clean up. I will only use SPUNK Lube from now on.

I love using cock rings and cock straps whenever I wank. However, the only ones that seem.to be available at sex stores are the plain rubber or metal ones. I like variety. Now, I've been using SPUNK for a while and one day I decided to check out his accessories. I was very happy to find a wide variety of cock rings. In the past year or so I thinking bought 6 from Jeff. Very happy with all of them. One of my favorites is the Skvvy cock strap. It comes in great colors and the material has a bit of stretch to it. Snap closure. It's fun and sexy. I have the blue. Over Pride Weekend I wore it with a pair of sheer white shorts at a private party. Great reaction. So great selection of cock rings here. Plus oftentimes he has a special where he'll include a free 2 oz bottle of lube. All around its a win-win situation. Oh and if I'm looking for a special style, he is very accommodating in getting it. Thanks Jeff, thanks SPUNK!

Feels great. Works like a charm. I'll definitely buy this again.

The best lube I have ever used.

Very slippery!

I test out a lot of sex toys and need a lot of lube and I've got to say, I've really enjoyed spunk lube. It adds a different dimension to my after hours activities!

Thank you so much for sending my package at such a speedy time. I have even already used it on a Skype session with my boyfriend. He was amazed by how much it appeared as the real thing. It also felt great, no weird stinging sensation once inside me. Again thank you so much for my awesome spunk lube.

We have been looking for a good lubricant for a long time now. We have finally found one. It lasts so much longer than the water based lubricant we were using. This has changed our lives for the better. It hasn't caused any irritation or other issues. We are very pleased with this purchase.

Your spunk lube is amazing. Very smooth and easy to clean. Not sticky at all. It is way better than any products. My dick was so wild with your lube!

The silicone Lubricant from SPUNK is awesome, It works for vaginal and anal intercourse and it works great with metal and glass toys. It does not dry out or or become tacky or sticky. This is a higher quality lube for a great price. A 8 ounce bottle will last you for months. It is silky feeling and makes things glide well.

My favorite lube so far. Visually appealing, no strong odors. I really adore the look as well as the feel. It is water based and for me it lasted a while.

As an avid user of silicone based lubricants I highly recommend Spunk Lube Silicone. With a thin oil-like consistency that feels smooth and silky Spunk Lube has won me over. Sometimes you just know when it's right...

As far as lubes go, I think spunk silicone is definitely one of the best ones out there. Not only does it last longer than the average lube, but also can be reactivated by using either water or saliva. It seriously enhances masturbatory experiences, to be honest. This particular lube of the SPUNK Lube series is available in 2 and 8 oz. bottles. Depending on your needs. It is Hypoallergenic and Glycerin/Paraben-free. Its ingredients are rated low on the hazard scale by Skin Deep. It is also marketed as being compatible with all toys, condoms and materials. I give it a 4.8 out of 5

Thanks again Jeff for providing ABF with samples and auction items for our event. Love your products and your always being willing to help out with our charity event- John